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Pique seasons

Gaytimes very special post fun times offer ✨

Gaytimes very special post fun times offer ✨

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Oh, hello - I am so happy you made it here! This means you had a great time at Gaytimes 💕🌈💜 and our humble, fun, good-natured sparkling left a mark on you. Beat the festival ‘come down’ by bringing Pique to home at a special reduced price for a limited quantity (first in best dress kind of deal here)



I - Manon, behind Pique - made this drink because I believe we can thread lightly on our planet while having fun, I also really wanted to share a light sparkling rosé to enjoy all day long at a festival without going overboard - and this one is low waste because it’s made by refermenting grape pressings that would otherwise go to waste. I only work with sustainable vineyards and great boutique winemakers who let fermentation go wild. This means I have juicy, fresh, natural and untreated grape skins for making Pique. If you want to learn more on Pique and the origine of this style of drink - piquette head here 

If you want to nerd on grape waste- circular economies and up-cycling principles that make Pique not just a nice drink but a drink to inspire creating with excess not making more - feel free to get in touch



Only natural

No added sugar. Naturally fermented.

No artificial colours, no artifical flavours. Just super juicy grape marc from quality vineyards, 7 different varieties together is enough to build colour & flavours.

Syrah & Pinot & Nebbiolo skins really made that colour.


Filtered water, 7 varieties of grape marc (approx. 50% organic), minimal sulphur & Co2.


Made with excess instead of creating more.

With the help of inspiring winemakers who believe too we awe the next generation to produce better, Pique is made with the leftover grape skins (AKA grape marc) that would otherwise go to landfill.

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