Don’t be fooled by the scent of fresh strawberry or its sexy red-pink colour – this is no sweet beverage. Subtle vinous flavours, and layers of spice and sour, make it easy and fun to drink!

Enjoy straight from the can or pour it over ice in a large whisky-like glass for instant refreshment.

  • Upcycled wine grapes

    Season 1 is made from eight varieties of leftover grape skins, all naturally fermented and rehydrated using water in four different batches.

  • Victoria made

    The fruit is sourced from select vineyards in the Grampians and Yarra Valley. It’s mainly composed of Syrah and Pinot Noir, with other white varieties adding natural acidity and freshness.

  • Super drinkable

    After blending, very little sulphur is added for protection. Finally, it’s filtered and carbonated for that final mouthfeel of goodness.


Pique is made by me, Manon Houg. I bring more than ten years in the wine industry from my native France to New Zealand and now Australia.

My grandparents often talked about the piquettes they made because they believed nothing should go to waste. It was low cost and homemade. That’s something that rings true for me today more than ever. I’m deeply concerned about the environment and our impact, and I’m proud to create a beverage that’s honest, ethical and sustainable.

In the old days, piquettes were not given much love. Today our understanding of fermentation has evolved, and our winemakers are more creative. It’s great to see this beverage enjoying a comeback for a generation seeking simple joys.

My thanks to the winemakers from Chateauneuf-du-Pape to the Grampians who have guided me on this journey. I’m already inspired to create Season 2.


"Drink this now" - Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Introducing Pique, a low-booze, high-flavour canned piquette made here in Victoria. “I’ve been leaning into low-alc options and have found the emergence of piquette revelatory!” says Breschi.


And what to eat with it? Breschi suggests “sweet melon wrapped in San Daniele prosciutto[...]"

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"Introducing Traditional French-style Piquette, Pique Season 1" - One Hour Out

[...] The drink is just 3.5%, similar to mid-strength beers, has a pleasant rosy hue and should be served chilled, and is a fun drink for a weekend lunch or after-work tipple. It’s light body and low alcohol make it ideal for those wanting a better choice when reaching for a drink.

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Aluminium can ♻

While glass raw material is more sustainable, aluminium has a super low footprint which makes it not only a convinient, ready to drink anywhere, but also an great environmental packaging. Some facts:

• 70% of all drink cans are recycled worldwide

• it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than making it from its raw materials

• aluminium can be 100% recycled indefinitely

• it’s light weight makes its greenhouse gas emission smaller than glass for transport

• but if left in landfill, it will take 500 years before it oxidises. So please recycle ♻