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Pique seasons

Piquette Season 1

Piquette Season 1

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Pét-nat but sessionable ? This is a piquette.

It's light, spritzy and very refreshing. Only 1 standard drink in a can make it perfect for your next BBQ, picnic, beach trip, nature adventure, or music festival fun times!
Enjoy straight from the can, extra cold or pour it over ice for instant refreshment 🧊

Only natural

No added sugar. Naturally fermented.

No artificial colours, no artifical flavours. Just super juicy grape marc from quality vineyards, 7 different varieties together is enough to build colour & flavours.

Syrah & Pinot & Nebbiolo skins really made that colour.


Filtered water, 7 varieties of grape marc (approx. 50% organic), minimal sulphur & Co2.


Made with excess instead of creating more.

With the help of inspiring winemakers who believe too we awe the next generation to produce better, Pique is made with the leftover grape skins (AKA grape marc) that would otherwise go to landfill.

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For single bottle purchase, please visit Pique's independant retailers.