So, what exactly is piquette

This innovative beverage is crafted by blending freshly pressed wine grape marc (the skins left after pressing) with water, a sustainable solution that repurposes what would otherwise be discarded. While it may seem like the latest trend at your local wine shop, piquette has roots that trace back centuries. Nearly every European wine-producing region has its own version, known by different names like ‘Thamna’ and ‘Lora’ in ancient Greece and Rome, or simply 'piquette' in France.

Yet, despite its rich history, piquette has largely faded into obscurity in its country of origin. Many French people are unfamiliar with its traditional roots, overlooking this humble beverage in favour of more prestigious wines.

Originally crafted as a drink for the working class, piquette was the beverage of choice for vineyard workers and farmers. Made from grape marc, the remnants of the winemaking process, it was a refreshing and low-alcohol option ideal for labourers. However, it was often dismissed as inferior by the upper class, earning a reputation as a symbol of low quality or 'plonk.'

In France, commercialising piquette has been essentially prohibited for the past century. Government regulations require wineries to surrender their grape marc, which is then used for alcohol production. This restriction has kept piquette a closely guarded secret, enjoyed primarily by vintners and their inner circles.

Yet, despite its humble origins and legal limitations, piquette is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. In an era of upcycling and sustainability, it's finding new appreciation for its environmentally friendly production methods and historical significance. Winemakers around the world are putting their own spin on this ancient beverage, experimenting with various styles, packaging, and flavor profiles.

Today's piquettes come in a range of options, from sparkling to still, and are often infused with creative additions like honey or other fruits. The result is a diverse array of beverages, each with its own unique character and flavour profile. With alcohol content typically ranging from 3.5% to 9% ABV, piquette offers a guilt-free option for those seeking a lighter libation.



And when it comes to piquettes, Pique stands out from the crowd.First, this piquette is crafted in collaboration with boutique vineyards in Victoria.Our unique blend is naturally fermented in filtered rainwater, resulting in a light, spritzy drink that's perfect for any occasion.

Unlike other piquettes, we focus solely on harnessing the essence of grape varieties, avoiding additional fruits or alcohol additives. Plus, our filtration process ensures a clean, approachable, and drinkable finish. With its seductive red-pink hue and delightful combination of flavours, Pique offers a refreshing twist on tradition that's truly one-of-a-kind. So, if there's only one piquette to try in Australia, make it Pique.

Cheers to enjoying life's simple pleasures, one sip at a time.

Manon x

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