Spice it up! Piquette spritz cocktail recipe

 When showing Pique season 2 to the team at Campground Kitchen, their talented designer, Petrina Turner, asked what would it be like in a cocktail. Sunny, the mixologist at the Vic bar, where he makes Route 109 small batches Vodka and Melbourne Dry Gin, jumped on the opportunity to play with my piquette!

The result is Campground house cocktail, the Petrina, and dangerously good.

Campground kitchen Petrina Piquette spritz


To try it at home, you'll need:

- a shaker, strainer and wine glass

- ice cubes

- 45ml Melbourne Gin from Route 109

- 2 slices of lemon

- 15ml lemon cordial

- couple of fresh lemon thyme branch

- a tea spoon of pomegranate seeds

- Pique season 2

In the shaker; add ice, Gin, cordial, lemon, pomegranate seeds, one branch lemon thyme after you gave it a good smack to release the essential oils. 

Shake it until the shaker starts to feel cold.

In a wine glass half full of ice, add the pomegranate seeds, pour over a strainer your gin mix. Top up with Pique season 2, garnish with a small lemon thyme branch.

Enjoy responsibly.

Manon x

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