Piquette Noir Spritz

My friend Theo created this cocktail when he was managing at Bon Ap’ in Fitzroy. You can still enjoy the cocktail at the restaurant, where they serve it with the remaining can of Pique season 1 piquette.

I love the idea of topping up your cocktail with Pique so you can slowly reduce the alcohol content or use the leftover in the can as a palate refresh before moving on to serious wines for your meal.

The Cherry Gin from Anther combined with the blackberry and sweetness of the crème de mure perfectly complement the style of Pique season 1 without overpowering its subtle flavours. A dash of lemon juice adds a citrusy quick to balance the flavours of this super drinkable cocktail. 

Follow the recipe below to create your own Piquette Noir Spritz and experience the perfect harmony of flavours.

Pique Noir Spritz

In a shaker with ice (you can also layer it, but using a shaker does integrate the aromas better)

  • 30ml Cherry Gin from Anther
  • 15ml of crème de mûre
  • 5ml of lemon juice

Shake and strain in a wine glass with ice, and top up with Pique season 1 piquette.


  • Maraschino cherry
  • Mint


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