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Unraveling the Distinctions Between Seasons 1 and 2 Piquettes

Pique your season - seasons 1 and 2 piquette nuances


Here is a pretty legit question, besides their packaging format, what are the differences between Pique seasons 1 and 2 piquette?

Wine/booze/drink journalist Mike Bennie invited me to be part of his No/Low  alcohol wine panel discussion at Picolo Drinks Festival earlier this year, where he tried Pique seasons 1 and 2. More recently, I asked him to share his thoughts on both releases.

I liked his approach to highlighting the nuances between the two piquettes, which triggered this post.

One size doesn't fit all, and after many tastings sharing the can and the bottle, I can tell you one Pique season doesn't fit all either, and that's the beauty of this creation.

So, if you are wondering which one suits your unique taste buds, look no further! In this post, you'll uncover the fascinating qualities that set these seasons apart and help you find your ultimate flavour companion.


Refreshing pique season 1 piquette can

Season 1: A Refreshing and Approachable Pique  

In Mike's words season 1 brings a combination of "higher drinkability, freshness, and zing".

Season 1 brings a delightful combination of higher drinkability, freshness, and a subtle zing. It's packaged in a convenient 330ml can, offering a single standard drink for a refreshing and easily accessible experience.



Season 2: Alluring Pique  

I couldn't agree more with Mike's assessment of season 2, which offers "more savoury complexity."

This edition is perfectly suited for occasions and personalities that appreciate the finer nuances of flavour. With its captivating depth and elegant 750ml glass bottle, Season 2 delivers a truly elevated experience that will impress even the most discerning natural beverage enthusiasts. Get ready to be enchanted by the alluring allure of Season 2!




In the making - the roots of each season 

pique seasons piquette grape marc

From one season to another, I've had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with diverse winemakers and vineyards, crafting small-batch piquettes using different pressings of grape varieties. Ultimately, this is the root of what sets apart each season. After all, this is a distant cousin of wine, for which, season after season, vintage after vintage, a parcel of vine alone will bring forth a unique character and flavour profile.

With this in mind and a little excitement to work with different winemakers and do extravagant blends (up to eight varieties of grape skins), "seasons" became part of the brand name, embracing the ever-changing nature of Pique. Like a book or TV series, I chose to number the season releases, allowing Pique to tell an evolving story that celebrates the beauty of seasonality and the personalities involved that make the delightful differences between each release.

From the refreshing and zesty notes of season 1 to the captivating layers of savoury complexity in season 2, Pique piquettes match different occasions. As you embark on your own Pique adventure, enjoy each sip of a beverage embracing upcycled and circular economy principles, celebrate the differences, and discover your perfect season.


Manon x

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