Pique Berries Punch

Here is a delicious concoction that will quench your thirst and awaken your taste buds – the Pique Berries Punch.


This exquisite blend combines the crisp and tangy notes of Pique's piquette with the natural sweetness of fresh berries, resulting in a harmonious medley of flavours.

Punches are the ultimate go-to for hosting family and friends gatherings, and they never fail to bring people together. When it came to planning a special Mother's Day celebration for my friends at Campground Kitchen, creating a punch was an obvious choice. The fast-paced and expansive venue called for a drink that could be easily prepared in large quantities while still impressing guests with its taste and presentation.


We decided to use a mix of red & black berries for this punch to enhance the existing subtle berry flavours in Pique season 1. Berries not only add a burst of vibrant colours to the punch and make the drink look irresistible, but they also infuse the drink with their natural sweetness. With each sip, the combination of Pique and juicy berries creates a delightful drink that is both refreshing and invigorating. To make mums feel even more special with this drink we added a cute edible flower as a garnish. 

So here's how to make this Pique Berries Punch with Gin

The addition of a spirit to the drink intensifies flavours by acting as a solvent and extracting the nuances of other ingredients, while the increase in alcohol content adds complexity, warmth, and a subtle bite, enhancing the overall taste experience. You can play with the level of gin if you like to keep the alcohol content of your punch low and therefore even more sessionable.

We used a full slab of 24 cans for this punch, I have put below the ratio for 24 cans and 1 can, so you can easily adjust the level of your ingredient per number of cans you'll end up using.

    • 330ml can of Pique season 1 // 24 cans
    • 35ml of lemon cordial // 840ml for 24 cans
      Try it with crème de cassis or mûre as an alternative
    • 70ml of Gin // 1.6L for 24 cans
      We used Route 109 Gin, which is traditional Melbourne dry gin, we tried with berry infused gin or a bloody shiraz gin which was too strong in flavour. Four Pillars Gin or Melbourne Gin Company would be good alternative options.
    • 25g of mixed berries // 500g for 24 cans
      You can use frozen berries, you might need to let it infuse a little longer but as delicious. For extra berry burst, crush half your mix so their release their juice and natural sweetness in the drink mix.

In a drink dispenser (if you don't have one, they are pretty easy to find in op shops):

    • Pour cordial and gin, give it a good stir.
  • Pique piquette berry punch
  • Add Pique season 1
  • Top up with berries.
  • Set aside in the fridge or a cooler with ice, let infuse for a good 15min.

Pour in a glass filled with ice, garnish with a couple of fresh berries, and if you fancy; a cute edible flower.

At the end of your punch, don't throw away your berries, please! They are delicious to devour as is or use as topping on ice cream or chocolate cake. Better even; make a custard pie and use them to cover your pie. Don't forget to pour over that concentrated punch sticky juice from the bottom of your jar on top of you dessert of choice for extra juicy sweet finish ;)

Enjoy x


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