Kir Royal revisited

Pique Royal - Kir Royal twist with a piquette

Here is a simple sweet and fruity twist to Pique; Pique Royal.

When the Marquis of Lorne's team suggested to substitute Champagne with Pique, I was sold. Not only for the combination of flavour and texture but for how ironic this take on Kir Royal sound to me.

Piquette is a farmer's drink, and has a long way to go (in France) to loose its  unpleasant (peasant) drink reputation, while Champagne is the absolute luxury associated drink.

This playful and humorous take on a classic cocktail  is a fun and unconventional way to subvert expectations and add a touch of irony in the recipe.


In a champagne glass:

A dash of Crème de cassis.

Top up with Pique.

No shaker, no strain, no ice. Option to garnish with a berry of your choice to make it extra Royal.

PS: Feel free to adjust quantities of Crème de cassis to your taste but I'd recommend to keep it under 10mL.

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