Aluminium can vs Glass bottle ♻

While glass raw material is more sustainable, aluminium has a super low footprint which makes it not only a convenient, ready to drink anywhere, but also a great environmental packaging. Some facts:

• 70% of all drink cans are recycled worldwide

• it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than making it from its raw materials

• aluminium can be 100% recycled indefinitely

• it’s light weight makes its greenhouse gas emission smaller than glass for transport

• but if left in landfill, it will take 500 years before it oxidises. So please recycle ♻

As for glass bottles, despite their high energy requirements to produce and weight that increase its greenhouse gas emission compare to aluminium, it remains a favourite sustainable packaging option when it comes to beverage. 

• It's made from natural ingredient (such as sand)

• Glass is non-toxic and less porous than plastic

• 100% recyclable, indefinitely without loosing its quality

• recycled glass bottle consume less energy to produce than from its raw material

With season 1 in aluminium can and season 2 in glass bottle, you can pick your favourite option. Be it for the style or sustainability, you have got the option.

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